Monday, July 18, 2011

The Unexpected

Few people go around expecting the unexpected.  It may be a clever phrase but only the crazy go around looking for the abnormal to be normal.  I glanced downriver one morning and saw a swan well out in the river slowly swimming around.  The photo is taken with a telephoto, so it appeared even further away to the naked eye - which is how my eyes usually are, by the way.  I'm pretty casual.  I haven't seen too many swans on the Patuxent, so despite it appearing very small in the frame, I continued to film.  Part of the reason was that I love the lighting on this particular stretch of shore and, at times, will photograph it even if nothing is going on.

It wasn't until I returned home and loaded the photographs into the computer that I discovered the swan was actually a great blue heron that had swam all the way from outside the frame on the right to outside the frame on the left, probably a couple hundred yards!  If you have ever seen an heron's toes, you would never expect such behavior.  That was one crazy heron!

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