Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Bird with No Neck

I saw this tiny bird the other day off the deck, working over the bark on a fairly large sweet gum tree. It is called a Brown Creeper. This is only the second time I have ever seen one. They are suppose to be fairly common in this area year-round, but both of the ones I have seen were in winter.

It started at the bottom of the tree, working it's way up looking for bugs in the cracks between the bark. Once they reach the top of a tree, they will fly back to the base of another tree or sometimes the same tree and start over. They use their tails as a prop much like a woodpecker.

Maybe it is because I have filmed so many herons and egrets with long necks, but this little bird looks so odd because it doesn't appear to have any neck. Their recurved bill is a little more easily seen in this image. I was taking the pictures through a window on a late afternoon, so they are not that good.

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