Friday, May 8, 2015

Isn't that Just Ducky!

While filming ducks over the winter at Schoolhouse Pond in Upper Marlboro, I would see many other birds land on the wood duck nest boxes out in the middle of the pond. Many birds enjoy being on a (relatively) higher perch where they can survey their surroundings. Things can get a little crowded.

Seems a little odd to see a seagull on the box, but they liked landing on the box too.

I was surprised that even species that don't nest in boxes were interested in perching there. I believe these are American Black Duck females.

Wood Ducks? I don't see no stinking Wood Ducks.

You see anything? Nope, don't see nuthin'.

I'll have to go back now that nesting season is here and see if they actually are utilized by Wood Ducks.

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