Friday, October 28, 2011

Fire and Ice

I don't think I have ever taken a photo with such a marked division between cool and warm.  Most compact and DLSRs have settings to compensate for any color cast that may be present (such as sunny, cloudy, incandescent, etc.).  Our eyes have an even greater ability to correct a color cast so that when we look at fog, for example, we see it as being white.  If we looked at it carefully, however, we would realize it really isn't white, but is blueish.  That is why in the past, with film, we could be surprised and disappointed by the pictures we took after they were developed.  They would show a color cast that we didn't even realize was present when we took the pictures.

I don't use any of the settings for color correction, but choose instead to set the camera using the kelvin scale for color temperature to a daylight setting most of the time.  That means the camera won't correct for the warmth of an early morning golden sunrise or the cool blue of shade.  Since neither is compensated for in the above picture, it renders both as they were on this morning.

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