Friday, October 14, 2011

Carolina Wren

Carolina wrens are some of my favorite birds.  They are very tolerant of humans and enjoy building  nests around homes.  They have a surprisingly loud voice for their size; you would swear it has to be a much larger bird creating the vocalizations.  They make quick moves as though they have a lot of nervous energy.  They also have a lot of curiosity.  The past couple of years, I have had a hanging basket on the porch which I designed as a roost.  Every evening shortly before dark, a pair of wrens would fly onto the porch and pop into the roost for the night.  Not only was it safe from most predators but it was also out of an often harsh winter wind.

This photo was taken at Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia, where my wife and I spent a few days earlier this week.  Computer problems on returning had me off line longer than anticipated.

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