Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Weather Conditions and Photography

I think I posted this photo a few days ago, but I wanted to demonstrate how different the lighting conditions can make a place look.  That little indent in the shoreline doesn't look like much, but it is actually an opening into a gut that goes up into the marsh.

In the post from October 20th, I showed some photos of two hunters in a boat who came up river, did a sweep around the bay out in front of me, then went back down river.  Unknown to them, there were some hunters in a corner of the marsh, and they pretty much ruined their chance of shooting anything when they went through the area.  I knew they were there because I had heard their guns earlier in the morning. Once the two boaters left the area, they must have decided it was a good time to move.  They were in an (overloaded) john boat, came up along the far shore and turned up the same gut from the last picture. They also had a golden retriever with them.

As they turned up into the gut, a flock of red-winged blackbirds (most likely) startled and flew off.

I didn't think their chances of seeing geese up in there was very good but, wouldn't you know, a couple of days later, here came a gaggle of geese that turned right up into the same spot to see what they could see.  They weren't up in there for too long before they came back out and flew off.  I don't know whether the hunters had any luck as I left shortly after they went up in there.

Here is the same spot a morning or two later.  It was not a good morning for photography. The day was ugly.  The tide was out, exposing the mud along the shoreline. There was a breeze blowing which kept the water riffled up, excluding any chance of water reflections, and there was a heavy haze in the air.  It does demonstrate, though, how different weather can effect photographs.

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