Monday, October 22, 2012

Hanging Out

The dock contained more cormorants and gulls than I can ever remember seeing there before. I counted 43 in the top photo and 48 in the lower image.  There are several docks in that little corner of the river.  So why do they always congregate on this particular one?  The one behind it is twice as long and yet there isn't a bird on it.  It is because of the caps on the tops of the pilings - or rather, the lack of them.  The other docks all have metal caps, some pyramidal in shape, that discourages water from standing and rotting out the piling. But, it also discourages birds from landing on them - and water birds do like their pilings.

Notice the seagull on the metal arm over on the right of the top picture. That surprises me. I have never seen a seagull sitting in a tree because of their webbed feet and that metal arm is a branch for all intents and purposes. Did I ever mention how much I like that pine tree that is kicked out over the marsh. (Yeah, only about ten times...)

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