Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ode to an Unnamed Flower

Have you ever noticed the human tendency to want to name things and classify them? It was designed into our nature by our Creator on the very day He created Adam and commanded him to have dominion over all the other creatures He had made (Genesis 1:26). In fact, the very first task Adam was given (even though it was for other reasons) was to name all the animals. That implies that he already, on the first day of his life, was intellectually equipped to perform the task.

If you met Adam on the second day of his life, how old would you think he was? He was created with "apparent age" - just like all the rocks that are dated as being millions, if not billions of years old when, in fact, they are no more than a few thousand years old.  But I digress...

I don't know the names of the lovely pink flowers in the first photo or the wonderful little yellow flowers in this image. But the loveliness in their wild settings did catch my attention. Most of our domestic flowers were once wild and still are somewhere in the world. But these were planted with no man's hand. They were planted by the creative hand of Someone so prolific and imaginative that He sows these even where man may never lay eyes on them!

One of the most lovely wildflowers on the river is the rose mallow. I do know the name of this one. This particular one has grown for years where high tide submerges it's feet. And it grows right in the middle of a old discarded tractor tire! On this morning, fog was my friend obscuring the background and allowing the blooms to be the center of attention. Not only do bees love them but so do hummingbirds.

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