Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Yo, Ho, Ho and A Bottle...

Here is another boat image I took one morning. I've always liked this photo for a couple of reasons. It isn't often you see the captain flying a pirate flag. And the fog that morning completely obliterates any background making it almost impossible to even determine where the horizon is located. It is interesting to me that you have fog concealing the background, but there is none between the camera and the boat. That, and the boat is bathed in sunlight which destroys fog. Put it all together and you would correctly conclude that the fog is about to burn off completely.

One other observation. And I say that tongue in cheek. Because people are so unobservant. How much could there have been for him to see with the fog all around?  Not much. And yet, he never saw me standing out in the open at the end of the dock. I waved but he didn't weave back. I have seen people completely miss an eagle flying right out in front of them or an osprey diving for a fish very close to their location and they never saw it. Here's a test. What color was the shirt/blouse of the last person you spoke to?

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