Saturday, June 1, 2013

Health and Science Feature

As some of you know, I entered the photo contest sponsored by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation earlier this year. I didn't make it into the top three spots. There were several categories, but they all had to include water.

The Washington Post was interested in doing an article on the contest and I was asked to submit the photos I entered in the contest. It was suppose to run last Tuesday, then this Tuesday, but now it is scheduled to run on June 4th, which is next Tuesday. I can't say for sure they will include any of my entries, but I did send them copies.

A non-profit organization in Richmond, Virginia, saw this image from the contest and asked permission to use it in an upcoming annual report.

It is hard to figure what subject matter improves your chances of winning a contest. There are certainly many more factors considered, but the subject matter is high on the list. Ultimately, the organization uses some of the photos to produce a wall calendar and some of the images are used in their magazine, "Save the Bay." In fact, they used a photo from a previous contest I entered in their Fall, 2012, issue. 

If you don't live in the Washington area, you may be able to Google the article. I would give it a week to make it online. Try Googling "Washington Post," "Health and Science," "June 4, 2012," or "photo contest." The images in this post are the ones I submitted to the contest.

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