Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Carolina Wrens are the little birds with the big voice. They remind you of Brenda Lee. (I may be dating myself there.) Tundra Swans have a huge voice too, but you have to look close to see which one is calling because they barely open their mouths. Wrens, on the other hand, look like opera singers.

The flat head and bill of the Cactus Wren allow it to stick it's head into cracks looking for bugs. This Carolina Wren doesn't need to take advantage of that design to eat bugs found on this tree. He could probably use some longer legs, though.

They are so curious, they would come right in the house if the window was open. This one is looking inside from out on the porch. I have to make sure there aren't any in the tool shed before I close it up. They will go right in and check out it's suitability almost as soon as I open the doors. I wouldn't want to accidentally close one in there.

This one was waxing poetic about what a fine winter morning it was as it sat on the edge of a gutter. They love to sing. Sometimes it sounds like they are calling my wife as they call, "Judy, Judy, Judy." Or maybe they're saying, "Chewy, chewy, chewy."

This wren wanted to use a hanging basket (what else?) as a nest. It was partly full of sand with a few small rocks dispersed throughout it. The wren decided the rocks had to go and proceeded to remove any it found. Ultimately, though, they decided not to nest there.

I know this photo (and some of the others) isn't much. It is more the message it conveys about a little bird in the big woods, unintimidated and unafraid. Their philosophy is to remain joyful in all things.

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