Saturday, June 15, 2013

Dance With Me

Taken at quite a distance and cropped, these aren't the sharpest photos, but I wanted to share them because of the behavior they depict.

The smaller bird on the left and the instigator in this series is probably a male. Seen side by side with a female, they are usually not quite as big.

This courtship display went on longer than many I have seen. This took place in early June, after the normal breeding season is pretty much over. I always have to wonder if they are choosing mates for the following year. 

The entire series lasted a little over three minutes. Sometimes they end much quicker when the female abruptly chases the male suitor off.

I have never seen a courtship display like this end in "consummation," if you know what I mean.

I can imagine the conversation between the two. Male: "Hey, you want to be my girl?" Female: "Let me think about it...  Okay." Male: "Cool."

Notice the female wood duck paying little attention to the suitors.

It looked as though things had cooled between the two love birds.

But, she took the initiative to go after him.

And that is pretty much how it ended with no definitive answer or hard evidence of success. 

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