Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Squirrels Acting Squirrelly

I think a posted this picture quite a while back where a couple of squirrels were doing a hip hop dance. I think it was called Mephis jookin. It demonstrates the limitation of the lens. I had the camera wide open, which with this lens, is a slow f/5.6 and the ISO set all the way up, so there was no more speed to be squeezed out of the camera. Despite that, their movement is blurred at a shutter speed of 1/350th second. You would think that was fast enough to freeze action, but it often isn't. That is why professionals use faster lens (f/2.8) and more expensive camera bodies where ISO can be set much higher. Think, lots of $$$.

I think this dance move is called jacking. Your guess is as good as mine as to what is really going on here. It is October, which is outside the normal mating season. So, are they... playing? They did NOT appear to be fighting.

I believe this move is called the electric boogaloo. Blurring is somewhat dependent on the direction of movement and this one has less blurring because they were pretty much "floating" in place. If you have ever seen a squirrel acting "squirrelly," you'll know where the term comes from. I have seen them doing some really crazy stuff, like back flips off a tree trunk over and over again. I think I mentioned how I saw two squirrels and a rabbit running in big circles in and out of the woods as though they were playing tag. Heaven only knows what that was all about!

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