Wednesday, September 10, 2014

"...Every claim you stake, I'll be watching you" (by Sting)

While I don't like the yellow jackets hanging out at the water cooler, they continue to come. The only thing I can figure is the hummingbirds are a little sloppy and drip small puddles of sugar water.

I have tried moving the feeder, but that doesn't seem to work. They find it surprisingly fast. It makes me wonder what the world looks like through their eyes. How do they orient to the space they are living in? When I move the feeder across yard (miles in their world), are they finding it by sight or smell or some other sensory apparatus (think gps) we don't even know about?

There has been one undeniable upside to their presence, however. They make the hummingbirds very jumpy which causes them to go through aerial maneuvers not seen under normal circumstances.

I just hope I'm not writing a blog tomorrow called, "To Kill a Hummingbird."

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