Friday, September 26, 2014

Odd Shots Too

Well, this first one is not actually that unusual. There is always one hummingbird that claims a feeder as it's own and defends it against all comers. When the bird is not at the feeder, it will be in a nearby tree keeping guard.

I like this photo, mainly because it reminds me of the Dreamworks logo with the boy fishing on a crescent moon. The curve of the branch the bird is sitting on reminds me of this and it is reinforced by the moon-like highlights in the background.

Here is another hummingbird caught in the act of taking off which, as I have said before, cannot be anticipated.

I didn't realize I had so many of birds taking off.  Speaking of taking off, I saw a hummingbird yesterday that needs to head south. Hopefully, it was just passing through on it's way in that direction.

This is another stretch shot from a different angle which has to be studied a little before you realize what the bird is actually doing.

I watched as a hummingbird flew into a crepe myrtle to sit where it could keep an eye on the surrounding area. I like the photo because it tells a story of a very small bird in a great big world.

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