Friday, December 26, 2014

Blown Away

No, I'm not talking about goose hunters taking their limit. I am talking about something surprising I saw on one very windy day. I have never seen geese lose control of their flight like they did on this day when a sudden gust of wind hit them. Some briefly ended up completely upside down.

While I was filming geese the other day, two fighter jets from the DC Air National Guard did a fly by, circled around and came through again. Nothing new there; I see them all the time. Sometimes they are so loud, you feel like rolling out of bed and hitting the floor because it sounds like they are going to hit your house - and I don't live anywhere near the base! Speaking of bases, it looks like they have all the bases covered with the selection of missiles they carry.

The geese reacted oddly when they flew over. Before hand, the geese were scattered all over the large field. When I looked back after taking the above picture, all two hundred geese had jumped into the small pond and there were almost no geese in the surrounding field.

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