Monday, June 25, 2012

Osprey Nest at the Marsh

I decided to spend a morning at the marsh to see what was going on there.  In short, not much.  While I was there, however, I took a few pictures of the osprey nest that a different electric company had built overlooking the marsh.  As you can see, the platform is both shallower and broader which, I think, is a much better design for these large birds.  As the young osprey get close to leaving the nest, they will test their wings by spreading them, much like the male is doing here, and jump into the air to try to soar above the nest a foot or two.  This nest allows them much more room to do this than the one at the river.  The jury is out on whether there may also be a third baby in this nest.  Bringing in sticks must be an addiction because they were continually bringing in more over the course of time I was there.

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