Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Nest in the Park

The park in the town where I live has an osprey that has nested there for about the last decade.  It is hard to imagine why she picked this as the ideal spot to raise a family.  The county seems to have accommodated her by extending a box-like structure on the back of one of the banks of lights used for night baseball games. It is the only light that has this addition to it.  The lower level is also home to many sparrows that nest in the little nooks and crannies.  I have even seen sparrows perched right next to the osprey as though they know she is no threat to them.  There are ball games almost every night and the lights have to get pretty hot, so you have to wonder why she would be willing to put up with all the annoyances. Maybe she is a fan of the game!

She seems to have had only one offspring this year.  Momma is on the light and the baby is crying and telling her to go get some groceries.  Speaking of which, the river from this site is just about a mile due west.  That seems like a long way to go to catch a fish when you consider the birds at the river only have to fly a few hundred feet to do the same thing. But she has been returning to this nest for years.

I think the baby is saying, "Hot... hot... hot!"

You can see the checkered pattern on the youngster on the left.

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