Wednesday, March 20, 2013

  • Snapper 2!

    See yesterday's blog for more details about this event. Look at the claws on that turtle! From what I read, snappers are able to stretch their necks far enough to reach their hind feet, something you might want to keep in mind if you ever think about picking one up.

    I'm no expert, but is that a smile on it's face?

    I believe this is called the missionary position...

    I'm pretty sure this image is in focus since those around it were. I think it is just the water pouring off the turtle that makes it look out-of-focus.

    The carapace on a snapper does not totally cover the bottom as with most other turtles. It looks more like an ill-fitting, too-small breast plate. It is the reason they cannot retract their heads into their shells like other species. The diamond-shaped prominences often seen on snappers are associated with younger specimens, so the smooth shell on these two would indicate they are older turtles.

    Once they moved into the lily pads, they were not nearly as visible, though the event continued for a while longer. It was something to see.

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