Friday, March 29, 2013


This bird could teach celebrities how to dive. I don't know if I have ever published this photo before. I know I have published the frame immediately after this one where the Green Heron is seen from the side returning to the stump from which he jumped.

There was only one place to stand when this picture was taken. And even if I could have moved, it would have scared the bird. From my vantage point, however, I was shooting into the sun which creates a glare on the water and deep shadows on the bird. At this time, I hadn't learned to open up or add exposure value to the exposure so that the shadows would contain more detail.

Fortunately, I was shooting in RAW format so I was not stuck with the result as would have been true if I were shooting in the jpeg format. So there is some ability to regain detail in the shadowy areas of the photo. I am always fascinated by photos of water. It allows you to see some of the incredible things water can do that you could never see with the unaided human eye. The trail arc of water from the fish and the water pouring off the wing are just amazing.

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