Saturday, March 30, 2013

Splash! 2

I don't know how I ended up showing these in reverse order. Here is the Green Heron from yesterday's post as it hit the water in pursuit of a fish. The splash is pretty much shaped liked the bird.  You can see where it's wing is and where the head went in nearest the camera.  Notice it wasn't a head-first type dive but more of a belly flop because the fish were so near the surface.

Here is a closer look at the same photo. Each of the smaller ripples or disturbances are actually fish jumping out of the way. You can see the one fish that has broken out of the water and, if you look closely, you can make out another just to it's right. Each one of those smaller disturbances, though, contain and are caused by a fish fleeing from the Green Heron.

I have looked into the water from time to time while watching different heron fish and tried to look as deep into it as I could. You know - how far out from the shore can I see the bottom? I have to marvel at how they can even see fish in water that appears so murky to my eyes. It make you wonder what they can see as opposed to what a human can see. Do they have some physiologic advantage that allows them to see better?  They probably do similar to information I posted on February 21st.

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