Saturday, May 18, 2013

Annabelle and the Swallowtail

My wife and I were out on the porch a couple of nights ago. She was sitting on the steps brushing Annabelle, one of our two pekingese, when a butterfly landed on her elbow. Actually, she didn't even know it was there until I told her. She offered it her finger and the butterfly got right on it and started licking her finger tip. You can see in this photo how interested Annabelle was.

Annabelle doesn't like bugs that buzz. I don't know if she may have been stung in the past (she is a rescue pup), but if a bug comes flying around her head, she gets very nervous and starts snapping at the air and licking a lot. I didn't think the swallowtail would bother her. Once it flitted away and returned, however, she reacted the same way she reacts to buzzzzy bugs.

She wasn't snapping at the air because she could see the butterfly flying around and landing. But she started licking like crazy.

I know it was, for whatever reason, scary for her, but her reactions were so darn cute.

"Please hold me close and protect me from that big, bad butterfly!"

You can tell she is starting to calm down in this photo where you no longer see the whites of her eyes. Hopefully she doesn't teach Jojo, our other Peke, how to be scared of bugs. They teach each other stuff by watching each other. When we first got her from Potomac Valley Pekingese Rescue, she wasn't afraid of thunder, but it just freaks Jojo out. Now, they both become pitifully panicked puddles of Pekingese at the sound of thunder.

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