Sunday, May 19, 2013


When we were looking for a new home, a porch wasn't on the list of features we were looking for or desired have. It just so happened a porch was one of the design features in the house we settled upon. If I ever had it to do over again, however, a porch would be high on the list. It is an option much like a garage. Not too many people use a garage for actually housing a car, but those that do can save a lot of time and aggravation on a morning after a big snow storm not having to clear off a lot of snow or in a heavy rain when you can enter or exit the car without getting completely soaked. 

Porches are like that too. You don't have to run right into the house during a rain. You can take the time to shake the rain off your coat or even take the coat off and leave it on a chair on the porch to dry. Same goes for wet or muddy shoes. And, the same goes for wet or muddy dogs. They can be dried out on the porch instead of dragging all that stuff into the house.

The reason I made it the subject of today's blog, however, is because of how handy it has been as a shooting platform, a place from which to take pictures. Part of it's value to me for photographing is that it is situated right on the edge of the woods.  A porch in a subdivision wouldn't have as much value for this purpose. Unlike, say, a blind in the woods, the porch is always there and the animals are so accustomed to it that they don't even give it a second glance. Subsequently, even when I am standing there, they won't even notice me most of the time. Being able to photograph on a rainy day and stay dry is another bonus.

You can't tell from this photo, but the woods are closer to the side porch than the front. The trees are only about fifteen feet away. Birds use the space between the woods as a flyway in front and the feeder in the back, so they are always passing through this area. Many will stop in the trees just off the porch. As long as I don't move around much, they don't seem to be frightened. You would be surprised how many photos I have taken from this spot. The Wood Thrush, Chickadee, the squirrel and snake, and the House Finch photos I blogged about recently were all taken from the porch. I got to thinking earlier today about how invaluable and enjoyable the porch has been - even just for sitting and enjoying the day - and I thought I would mention it so you could file it away for future reference. A porch might turn out to be a lot more useful and enjoyable than you would ever realize. I know ours is.

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