Thursday, January 19, 2012

The "Ahhh" Moment

I strap tree branches to the deck posts.  Is that crazy, or what?  Crazy like a fox.  They make great staging for photos of wildlife.  If you try it, make sure whatever is in the background is far enough away that it appears as a simple blur, leaving only the animal in focus.  It will help draw the viewer's eye right to the main subject. 

Another tip: almost any animal is attracted to peanut butter, that being especially true of squirrels.  To draw them in to photograph them, I smeared small dabs of peanut butter on the back side of the branch so it would not seen in the pictures.  To avoid the frustration of a long wait, you may want to do this for a few days beforehand.  It takes a few days for them to catch on and start looking for it.  At that point, they are ready to be photographed. This squirrel was enjoying the fragrance of a dab of peanut butter before devouring it.

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