Sunday, January 29, 2012

Condo Row

It can get crazy filming gulls.  They come in from every direction - swooping, landing, turning, gliding, and all of them fussing with each other.  Sometimes, the hardest thing is just picking out one and focusing on it, there can be so many from which to choose.  This one had made a long turn and was coming back along the shoreline.  Usually, I prefer to shoot them out over water or with just sky in the background, both of which are undistracting.  Since I had already put in the effort to track the gull, I decided to go ahead and take the shot despite the background, and I'm glad I did.  It evokes a better sense of place than a non-descript sky would and the slightly off-kilter background and bird give it a certain dynamism.  I was also using my piece-of-junk telephoto which gives things kind of a glow (like the two pilings in the lower center), which I don't mind in this photo.

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