Friday, November 23, 2012

A Farm in Fog

I had my eye on this barn close to home and hoped to capture it on a foggy morning.  I had a little apprehension about doing so because to get the photo I had in mind, I knew I would have to be in the median strip of the main highway going in and out of the county. So, one more criteria was that it would have to be a foggy day on a weekend (preferably a Sunday) when I wouldn't be as great a distraction because there wouldn't be as much traffic. Another problem was that there was a ten or fifteen foot difference in elevation between the southbound and northboung lanes at that point, meaning I would be trying to level the tripod on a rather steep hill in the median.

I finally found a morning when all the planets aligned and boogeyed on down there and got everything set up. Almost the entire reason for choosing this particular site was the rutted path used by farm equipment.  I thought it would give an image nice leading lines, drawing the viewer into the photo. I took a lot of compositions. And here I use the word specifically, because I took a lot of pictures, but I was trying to vary the relationship - the composition - of all the parts to best effect. Afterward, I settled on this image as being the best of the lot.

Now, however, I think the barn is too centered in the image. The reason for that is I was trying to include the treeline over on the left which helped to tell the story of fog, but in doing so, I ended up centering the barn too much. Trying to include too much in the image ultimately lead to it being something less than it might have been.

I was more successful at investing it with an aged look. I removed some of the green and increased the yellow in the grass and enhanced the shadows along the side of the path to make it stand out more. The second image of the barn shows what the original colors were like. Do you have a different emotional reaction to the two photos? To which do you find a greater emotional connection?

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