Thursday, November 22, 2012

Heavenly Bodies

A few years ago, I learned Venus was visible near the crescent moon and thought it might be interesting to try to capture the moon, Venus and the sun all in the same picture.  I was standing on the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay and you can usually see the eastern shore from this point, but it is a little too early to make it out.  There was something I was trying to exclude from the image on the left and the sun was a little too far north to include it, so I ended up with just the suggestion of sunrise.  The shutter was open for thirty seconds, giving the night objects time to move.  The light rectangle in the middle is a barge moving either up or down the bay in the shipping lane which is over near the eastern shore.  What surprises me is how much light was able to accumulate on the side of the barge in that thirty seconds from the lights of North Beach on the same shore on which I was standing. Especially when you consider the inverse square law (which I won't even attempt to explain). Just imagine trying to light the barge with a flashlight while standing next to me on the shore. 

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