Monday, November 19, 2012

Improving Your Bird Photography

The branch in this picture of a Blue Jay is staging.  In other words, I tied it to the deck as an invitation to birds to land on it for the purpose of taking pictures.  I don't see anything wrong or disingenuous about doing that. The birds actually enjoyed the branches I had out there at one time. It allowed them to wait their turn to use the feeder.

Another advantage is the ability to blur the background so that it is not a distraction. Because the branch is so far from anything else, a bird can be isolated from the background. This works better with a telephoto lens, but if you are interested in bird photography, you are probably using one anyway.

I had purchased a small blind and wanted to see how well it would work, so I set it out on the back deck for a few days allowing the birds to get use to it being there. The day I took this photo, one of the neighbors was having his yard dug up by a large piece of construction equipment which was so loud, the blue jay couldn't hear the shutter closing. He knew something wasn't right, but there wasn't enough evidence of something out-of-place to alarm him. I was probably no more than ten feet from him.

In the end, I decided the blind just wasn't practical enough. The view of the surroundings is just too limited to be of good use.

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