Friday, November 25, 2011

Yellow Crowned Night-Heron

I mentioned a telephoto lens yesterday that never seemed to focus correctly, but occasionally gave something unexpected.  This image was another rare instance where I liked the result.  The bird is an immature yellow crowned night-heron and the image was taken at the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens, a National Park devoted to lily ponds and tidal marsh.  I have seen a number of yellow crowned night-herons in different places over the years, but every one of them was an immature bird.  Adults are nocturnal - which is why I have probably never seen one - but the young must be more active in the daytime.  The yellow ovals in the background are actually sparkles of sunlight bouncing off water that had partially flooded the grass.  You would expect the bokeh (out-of-focus) shapes to be round, but for some unknown reason, they are more elliptical and oval. I've always thought the background was maybe more interesting than the bird.

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