Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Call of the Wild

Geese are such graceful creatures and I find them fascinating to watch take off and land.  I was returning from the river over the weekend early because there was so little going on down there.  Some mornings are good while others are not.  On my way back, though, I passed a small cornfield where quite a large flock of geese were feeding.  I decided to stop and see if I could get some flight photos.  Fortunately, over the next hour-and-an-half, they departed in smaller groups, giving me the chance to film several different taking offs.  Unlike any number of other birds, geese will let you know when they are getting ready to leave as they like to discuss their plans just before leaving, so it is easy to be ready to film.  Most leaves were down, but a couple of flocks flew past a particularly colorful tree as they took off.

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