Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Last Leaf of Autumn (With apologies to Georgia O'Keeffe.)

I almost started too late.  In fact, I did start too late.  I don't actually look for the last leaf, only a leaf in isolation that could, for all intents and purposes, be the last leaf of Autumn.  There were others that I had "focused" on when I noticed this burned out leaf.

What prompts us to film this, but not that?  What attracts our attention to a particular subject - and I'm not talking leaves in general, but this particular leaf?  The answer to that is probably more philosophical than technical in nature.  Anyway, I didn't give too much thought to the actual filming of it and it wasn't until later while reviewing all the leaf images that I really became attracted to this image.

Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS) should also be applied to photography.  Usually the simpler you can make a composition, the more compelling it will be.  That is certainly part of the attraction of Georgia O'Keeffe's artwork.  And that is what I like about this particular leaf.  It has simple flowing lines that transform it into a work of art while the highlights on the branch are so blown out that it also simplifies this detail.  One might almost look for brushstrokes thinking it a painting and not a photograph.

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