Friday, February 17, 2012

Ant Farming

We had a mild autumn a few years ago and frost had not yet killed the flowers in late October.  My grandson had planted some wild flowers in the bed in front of the porch and I noticed some ants farming aphids on some of the coreopsis blossoms one day.  I didn't have a macro lens at the time, so I used my piece-of-junk 75-300mm lens with a Canon extension tube.  The extension tube is relatively inexpensive and allows you focus closer than is possible with just the lens itself. 

I ended up spending the entire weekend filming these ants, trying to communicate what the world looks like from an ants point of view while also trying to concentrate on making visually interesting
compositions.  The ants were actually pretty fascinating to watch.  I'll post a few more over the next
few days.

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