Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ant on a Peony

I used my junk telephoto to take this image combined with a close-up lens and an extension tube.  A close-up lens looks like a slightly thicker clear filter that can be screwed onto the front of any lens having the same thread size. It is relatively inexpensive way to convert a normal lens for close-up photography.  I had also placed an extension tube between the lens and the camera body.  An extension tube is just what it says, a tube having no glass, so it has no effect on the amount of light entering the camera.  It allows you to use a lens at much closer distances to the subject, however, and that is what I was using it for.  I was shooting at a very small aperture to gain as much depth of field as possible.  The trade-off is you have to use a slower shutter speed which will amplify any movement, so I was using a tripod and trying to catch the ant when it was still.

Peonies are very attractive to ants, although I'm not sure why.  I like the effect of a lone ant against the wall of color in each individual petal.  This was one of only a few frames where the ant stayed still enough to get the image without blurring it's movements.

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