Sunday, February 19, 2012

Depicting an Ant's World

So, how would you depict an ant's world?  It is funny, I wrote the previous question and decided to take a break to think about what I wanted to say.  While "breaking," I read a short article that used a
term I had never heard before, but which exactly expresses the idea I wanted to convey.  The term is "genius loci," which means, "the spirit of the place." 

Today's image is one of my favorite photos from this series.  It conveys the idea of what a big world a small flower patch can be to something so small as an ant.  I took quite a few with the ant looking out over the edge of the blossom, but the one that makes this the winner is the position of it's antennae.  It is as if the ant is getting some important information it needs through it's antennae.  In other photos the antennae were not as "expressive" and, in some, they are hardly seen at all.  That is because when you are shooting close-ups like this, even a millimeter can be the difference between a sharp image and a picture headed for the trash can.

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