Monday, February 20, 2012

Depicting an Ant's World II

Another feature I wanted to capture to convey the spirit of the place ["genius loci" - see yesterday's post] was a yellow bloom in the background that very much reminded me of the sun.  Capturing the ant in the right place and with the right "expressiveness" in it's antennae was not as easy as it might seem.  Yes, they did travel up and down the stem many times in the course of the shoot, but their antennae might be in an ackward looking postion or they might go down the backside of the stem (note the second ant) or any number of things.  So, there was a lot of patience involved in waiting for the right shot.

I often wonder how our vision compares to something such as an ant.  Can an ant see as far as we can?  If it were on your shoulder, could it see the entire flower patch like you do, or would it reach the limit of it's vision and not be able to see anything distinctly at that distance?  When it looks out over the blossom's edge, does it see a confusing forest of stems and leaves or does it have a very solid sense of where it is and where it's home lies?  Silly questions?  I don't know.  It certainly adds wonderment and something close to the joy a child must have in discovering new things in a new world.

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