Friday, March 30, 2012

The Colors of Easter

I know some of the familiar Easter colors are associated with the resurrection of Christ the King - the royal purples and reds.  What surprises me is how commonplace the colors of Easter are in the world around us at this time of year.  I'm going to do a few blogs on Easter colors over the next week or two and these three photos are the first to deal with this topic.

The name of the tree that puts out these "catkins" is called an American hop hornbeam.  We have quite a few of those around the edge of the yard.  They also produce a little nutlet in the fall that the squirrels love.  They always attract my attention and my camera lens.  I was using my "piece of junk telephoto," but as with a few other photos, I liked the effect of the not-quite-in-focus look.  The purple in the background is contributed by a redbud in my neighbors yard. 

Sometimes a very small change in shooting angle can completely change the background which can be used to advantage.  Don't always just snap the picture and walk away.  Work the angles to get the best effect.  This is better advice when using a telephoto lens or in macro photography, but it is something to keep in mind on any photo since bad backgrounds have the ability to absolutely destroy a good photo.  Having said that, I took the photos from my porch on a rainy day and couldn't change the angle by much.

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