Saturday, March 31, 2012

An Advanced Engineering Degree

If I told you the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, the suspension bridge in San Francisco or the new Hoover Dam Bypass bridge were all built without consulting engineers, you would call me liar.  And you'd be right.  The idea that one of these structures could be built without careful planning or without an extended amount of time in book learning is inconceivable.  It takes a great designer to produce these structures.

The Great Designer, however, created this little engineer with all the tools it needs to construct it's engineering feat right out of the box so that it can thrive in the niche for which it was created.  Can you imagine being able to inherently construct one of these webs without all the specialized learning?

The spider is called an orchard spider.  Recent morning fog gave me
another chance to film these tiny (1/4 inch) spiders and their webs.

Kind of looks like a forest with a lot of satellite dishes, doesn't it?

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