Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Million Jewels

The subject of this photo is the raindrops dripping off of everything.  It caught my attention only after looking at them through the telephoto lens.  They were not really noticeable from the distance without looking through the lens.  I was also using a polarizer.  Polarizers work, even on a cloudy day, cutting glare from the photo.  I took the photo from the porch.  A rainy day is when a porch really comes into it's own because you can stand out there and not get wet.  I have taken a lot of photos from the porch.  Since we are on the edge of the woods, there are many birds that will land within shooting distance.  I'm sure this photo was not the main reason I was out there.  I was probably waiting on something else to happen and liked the effect of all those raindrops.

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