Thursday, May 31, 2012

Muskrat and River Otter

I see both of these creatures on the river.  As I am standing on the shore, I have had them pass right at my feet, so they are not particularly shy if you do not move and they don't sense any danger from you.

The otter is probably twice the size of the muskrat although as they swim, they superficially appear very similar.  Notice, however, on the otter how broad and triangular in shape the nose is as well as the somewhat flattened appearance of the muzzle. Additionally, note the smoother, less hairy overall appearance and brushy walrus-like mustache.

The muskrat, on the other hand, has a pointier nose, smaller, beadier eyes, and scruffier coat as well as sparser whiskers.  It is nice to know they are no longer trapped much for their pelts.

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