Saturday, May 19, 2012

Out of Sorts

On May 7 and 8, I posted two photos of (what I believe is) the same eagle sitting in a favorite dead tree near the bridge over Graham Creek.  The tree has been there forever but, wouldn't you know, it fell a couple days after I posted the photos.  It was not taken down by wind; it was just so rotted it fell over.  I was at the bridge and couldn't figure why I couldn't at least see the branch of the tree from where I stood just days earlier to film the eagle.  When I left that morning, I went to the shoreline a little further back where I was certain I would be able to see the entire tree and, sure enough, all that remained was a stump sticking up.

The other morning, this eagle flew in along the shoreline looking for that tree and you could tell it was upset that it wasn't there.  It landed in another tree nearby, but was there only a few seconds when it took to flight again and moved to another tree a little further down the shore.  The thing about that deadfall is it had no branches to get entangled with an eagle's wings and it had an unobstructed view of the river where it could sit for long periods and look for prey.  You could tell it was upset that it could no longer do that.

Here is what is left of the tree.

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