Saturday, May 26, 2012

Show Me the Tummy

Spotted sandpipers fly so fast, they are hard to film.  They fly into an area so fast that I don't usually have time to react until what I'm filming is there backside as they fly away.  They haven't expected me to be standing at the top of the rip rap at the bridge where I have been standing lately, so when they fly in, a few haven't recognized what I am until they are almost on me.  The other day, one was getting ready to land three feet from me and let out with an "Eeek!"  I hadn't seen it fly in and the "eeek" was the first indication I had that it was even around.

I did see this one coming, however.  It was with a group of three.  They were going to land right where I was standing until they recognized I was a hoomon.  This was the split second where the sandpiper changed directions and flew away.  Turns out they can bank and leave deposits. Heh, heh.

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