Monday, October 13, 2014

Abstract Water Reflections 3

The colors reflected in the waters of the marsh go a long way to creating the mood of this irenic image of a wading shorebird. The almost stagnant nature of the pond creates a film on the water's surface which causes bubbles to last much longer than they would otherwise. It is as though the bird is crossing through a belt of planets.

This image of a snowy egret has a very similar emotional impact as the last image. Some of the metadata attached to these two photos has been lost, but I believe, based on their close proximity in file names (which are actually numbers) that they were in all likelihood taken on the same morning. Here again, the planets orbiting around the wading bird adds a lot of interest.

The abstract nature of this photo is so overwhelming, it takes a second to realize there is a bird in the image. The Great Blue Heron with it's known size, suddenly orients you to what you are looking at. The bird, the bird's environs, and the Fall colors reflected in the water all combine to produce a unique image. I wouldn't want that to occur all the time, but it was interesting at least this once.

This was another image created as a result of a slow day waiting on birds. It has a serene quality to it. Zzzzzzz...

I have room for simple abstract wave patterns in my imagination. The foreground waves could be easily imagined as brush strokes on a canvas.

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