Monday, October 27, 2014

An Early Autumn Morning

I went to the river on Saturday after a hiatus of six weeks or so. The last time I was down there I was discouraged by the lack of activity and decided to give it a rest. But I was curious over the weekend to see how autumn was progressing. The flock of geese left the area soon after I took this picture. All the geese were quite agitated because of it being hunting season.

This photo shows quite a bit of fall color but, in general, this has been about the worse autumn for color in this region in my memory. If you look along the top of the photo, you will see a line of geese heading downriver. Perched in the top of the tree over on the right with the white bark, are a pair of Bald Eagles.

If I zoom in digitally and crop tightly, the resulting image looks very much like it was painted. I'd love to be able to paint like that.

There is a large flock (murder) of crows that lives in that area and they are always up to no good. They were raising Cain in a nearby tree and I took a few pictures of them. I particularly liked this semi-silhouette of three as they flew off. It was only later looking at the pictures on the computer, I realized they were haranguing a hawk that was sitting in the lower reaches of the same tree.

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