Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Abstract Water Reflections 5

I spent the better part of one morning at the river taking photos of water reflections. I hadn't gone there with the intention of doing so, but it was another morning where the bird activity was in a lull. I was standing at the bridge and was watching how the tide was affecting the water flowing out of the creek. All of these photos were taken on that same morning.

That morning I discovered there are two points in this type of reflection on which you can focus and they yield fairly different results. One point is on the surface of the water and the second is actually below the surface. My guess is the latter point has something to do with the real distance of the object that is making the reflection from the water. I may be wrong, but that was my guess. I would also speculate that this phenomenon may not be true of all reflections.

The orange in this image was the contribution of a trumpet vine on the other side of the creek.

Some of these photos look like they are molten metal rather than water.

I should have the abstracts out of my system for a while by tomorrow.

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