Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Abstract Water Reflections 4

This isn't entirely a water reflection, but you have to admit, the swooshy highlights add flavor to the image. It was another early morning photograph where the light levels were simply too low to freeze the action. If I learned anything it was that I didn't learn anything. It still made, to what my mind, was a compelling image. I'm glad I tried to make the photograph event though it wasn't light enough.

If I didn't know how this picture was taken, I would be easily fooled into thinking it was taken from underneath with the camera pointing at the sky. It wasn't. It is the reflection of a seed stalk standing in water.

This photo isn't hard to figure out, but there was more to it than meets the eye. If you notice, there is a blur of action occurring in a broad circle within the picture. That was what I was recording. The tides combine with the topography on that part of the river to create some strange stuff. To the left of the photo is a large turn in the river which creates a bay. For some reason, when the tide is coming in, it will appear to be going out along the shore and vice versa. On rare occasion, I have witnessed the tide going out so rapidly, it created a sucking sound, which can be very unnerving.

Here is a photo looking out to the horizon where the sky meets the sea. Well, it could be. But it isn't. That edge between the blue water and the orangey "sky" was in reality only about a hundred yards out in front of me and marked the interface of a fog bank lit by the sunrise as it moved out to the middle of the river.

A more traditional, bright water reflection in a cove on a lake.

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