Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Just Like a Kid

This is the view the birds get to look at on the river where they live.

Here, one of the chicks is practicing his newfound flying and hunting skills. Notice all the rose mallows in bloom along the far shore.

With not much going on, the young Osprey appeared to settle upon harassing a Great Blue Heron that was minding it's own business fishing.

I once watched a young eagle fly above a Great Blue Heron over and over again as it was searching along the shore for the remains of a meal it had eaten earlier in the morning. From what I have read, eagles have been known to occasionally try to attack Great Blue Herons. The eagle didn't seem to stress the heron on that morning, however. Not so with this Osprey. The distance makes the detail a little hard to see, but the heron has his crown raised and his mouth open and he doesn't want to be teased. After circling a couple of times, the Osprey left him alone.

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