Tuesday, July 14, 2015

This is My House!

I have never seen a heron rookery, so I always think it odd to see herons sitting in trees. When it is not mating season, Great Blue Herons will not tolerate being in close proximity to one another, which makes me think these two are a pair.

There was an Osprey nest in the area, but it was probably a good hundred yards from where these two herons were perched minding their own business. It didn't sit well with the female Osprey from the nest. I know it is the female because of a feather on her right wing (rather blurred in this image) that stuck out for several weeks. She did a fly through, conveying the message that she wanted them to leave, and it freaked out the heron that was sitting higher in the tree.

The heron decided to take the hint and leave. The other followed shortly after. I think the Osprey was being a little over-protective. Although they are omnivores, I cannot imagine a Great Blue Heron having the opportunity to threaten Osprey chicks. I also witnessed the Osprey escorting an eagle and vultures from the area of her nestbox at other times. She hit a vulture so hard, it sounded like a football tackle. Her house is a lot bigger than just the nest.

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