Friday, October 2, 2015

Better...stronger...faster (With apologies to the "Six Million Dollar Man")

Not the greatest shot, but here is a photo of the deck once it was stained and work was completed. Then, it was just a matter of putting everything back.

I snuck out to purchase a little fountain as a gift for my wife while she was off doing something else. I set it up temporarily on a board, but I would like to get a piece of slate to take it's place. It is a little late in the season, so we will probably enjoy it more next summer. Birds are said to be attracted to running water also.

I had the bird feeder mounted on a deck rail before the storm damage. Over the years, the weight of the feeder had slowly twisted the rail. To repair the tops of two posts (see yesterday's blog), the repair crew had to buy an entire post, despite only needing about four inches of it. I asked if they would leave the rest. I had the idea of mounting the bird feeder on this post off the deck but still close enough to reach it.

I wanted to align it with the kitchen window which is also how we use to have it — except on the rail instead of a free-standing post.

We have had so much enjoyment from having the feeder outside the kitchen window. Almost anytime we are in the kitchen, we will glance out there to see what kind of bird activity is occurring. We have tried to make it as inviting as possibly for birds to visit. Now, I can easily reach the feeder to service it and the shells from the seeds fall to the ground without messing up the deck.

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