Sunday, October 4, 2015

They Didn't Make the Cut 4

I do not normally like noise in a photograph, but I think it adds a certain je ne sais quoi (defined as a quality that eludes description) to this image. The light background which is contrary to the dark backdrop one might expect also adds interest. I'm trying to sell it here. Even if you are not sold, I like it. Then, there are the two Bald Eagles that always perch in those trees. Because of the noise, it lends itself to a drastic solution — which I will demonstrate in another photo below.

Between open water and hard ice was a stretch of slush that was difficult to navigate. I am always amazed at the tolerance to cold of animals such as this Mallard. As humans, we can get into shelter to warm ourselves. They don't have that option. If they suffer hypothermia, it is probably deadly.

I like the Canada Goose's pose a lot. The primary feathers on the wings are all nicely spread out, the feet are hanging down in preparation for landing. Like a hunter that misses his shot, though, I didn't lead the goose enough. He should be over on the left but, instead, he is flying out of the picture. Supposedly, that leads the viewers eye right out of the picture. Do you buy that?

Here is the photograph I was referring to earlier. I like the photo. I like the posture of the birds, the muted, almost monochromatic colors. I don't even mind the evident signs of "civilization" in the background. Only thing is, I missed focus. No amount of sharpening is going to correct the problem. But, you can go in the other direction, making it softer still. Using the same technology to remove noise in a photo, the image can be blurred to the point of looking more like a painting than a photograph. I included the image here to demonstrate one solution.

Until a couple of years ago, I had never seen a goose flip upside down like this to bathe. Now, it seems like I see it quite often. I am not sure how I could have missed it before. If you have never seen them do this, you owe it to yourself to seek some out and watch them for a while. It seems like it is contagious. Once one starts, it is soon joined by others. The one in the background is just beginning the shake routine that precedes a roll.

I decided to post the second version after softening the noise so that you could compare the before and after.

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