Saturday, October 3, 2015

They Didn't Make the Cut 3

The title could be a reference to these tryouts for an AFLAC commercial. The seagull came to the wrong audition and he knows it. You can see it in his face.

I have finally come to grips with "environmental shots" and the fact that I'm never going to get that 1000mm lens I have on my Christmas list. Yeah, every photographer wants those "in your face" close-ups of the birds, but I finally realized I enjoy actually being able to see the birds in the context of their environment. Maybe it is because I am interested in their behavior as much as the way they look.

Hold it... Hold it... I don't know how they can do this and remain balanced, but they all seem to know the trick. Maybe it is because the water is just above freezing. Those alligator looking thingies are the roots of the water lilies.

An emergency landing in Iceland. I love the blue on blue.

A game of pecking order.

The eyes have it. So was your eye drawn to the one gull in the front? That is what happens every time I look at it. It is like I can't help myself. I go right to that gulls eye.

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